high country living on a budget

“A truly authentic and unforgettable Kiwi farmhouse experience.”-- Dan and Nicola Truman, Wimbledon, London.

Price Per Night: $20.00 per person

If you are on a budget but you want to experience South Island high country outdoor living then Dunstan Downs has a beautiful spot ready for you.

Simply pitch a tent near the backpackers facilities then relax under the vast expense of awe-inspiring scenery.

Living the outdoor, high country lifestyle on a sheep ranch is a priceless experience that you should never miss.

You may choose to hike to one of our valleys or mountain tops for spectacular landscapes that have inspired artists for years. Stars never felt so close while a busy life never felt so far away.

You are also welcome to use the common kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities provided by Dunstan Downs.

If you have any questions about the camping or campervan/RV facilities we offer at the sheep station and you want to get a full experience of high country living, please email or call us.