Horse Trek on rugged terrains

“A truly authentic and unforgettable Kiwi farmhouse experience.”-- Dan and Nicola Truman, Wimbledon, London.

You are welcome to bring your own horse and ride our tracks- stay in the backpackers or ride out to Fat Man's Lodge and spend a night there.Aside from the awe-inspiring scenery, the Dunstan Downs High Country Station rugged terrain and on-road and off-road tracks that excite tourists and locals alike.

The Fat Man’s Lodge has a 4 x 4 track near by that you can follow along to the open tussock country of the Dunstan Creek. The track also climbs over the Old Man’s Peak where it rises to 6,000 feet making it one of the highest stock passes in New Zealand.

A Horse trekking outfitter is available for all your trekking needs will help you plan a trip and take care of all your needs.

We also offer B&B accommodation for you and your horse. You can read about our accommodation packages here. Be reminded, that in order for you to enjoy the fullness of what Dunstan Downs offers, a fit and well- shod horse is essential.

Give us a call if you have any queries regarding horse trekking activities at Dunstan Downs.