challenging off-road tracks and terrain

“This was one of the most memorable New Zealand experiences ever. Many thanks you are a wonderful team.”-- Dick and Dodi Cole, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA

Dunstan Downs has several tracks running over 12,141 hectares of land. It is a place mountain biking enthusiasts will massively enjoy because of its reputation for challenging off-road tracks and terrain.

There are a few tracks suitable for beginners, but most are for medium-skilled and advanced bikers. The track out to Fat Man’s Lodge is for highly skilled thrill seekers and provides one of the best rides in the region.

Pylon track is our recommended route for serious bikers. It is about 14m long, good for a one-day adventure.

So whether you are out for some quick and fun exercise or a real hardcore biking challenge, Dunstan Downs can give you the best mountain biking experience the New Zealand countryside has to offer.

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