Exhilarating Farm Adventures

“Beautiful valley, fantastic hosts and amazing food, we will be back.”-- Kurt O and Tracy Head, Vail, Colorado, USA

Farm Adventures

With over 30,000 acres to explore, the expansive and rugged terrain at Dustan Downs is a great place to experience one of our 4x4 wheel drive tours. This experience is for those that want to be ‘wowed’ by stunning landscapes and feel the land and lifestyle of this unique and vast open terrain.

At Dunstan Downs, there are many walking and hiking options that you can enjoy. With over 30,000 acres to explore it is only limited to your adventure level and fitness level!

Remember the weather in New Zealand can change very quickly, you need to have warm under garments- preferably merino, good walking boots, extra socks, rain coat, warm hat and a sun hat, sun cream.

There are a few tracks suitable for beginners, but most are for medium-skilled and advanced bikers. The track out to Fat Man’s Lodge is for highly skilled thrill seekers and provides one of the best rides in the region.

Most guests choose to do one of the day walks and biking while the more adventurous (and fit!) do the full day walk to Fat Man’s Lodge where they stay over night before returning the following day.

Mustering is the process of herding sheep to places that you want them to go. Usually done on foot by man and dog, some guests do ride for a portion in the 4 wheel drive vehicles. This is an exhilarating, memorable and educational activity, which will give you a true feel of our high country lifestyle.